Quilt Alongs

DOWNTON ABBEY Mystery Quilt Along

Starts January 4th, 2015

Choose your team or make all three!

What is a Mystery Quilt Along?

Well first, let’s talk about what a quilt along is, and then I’ll explain the mystery part. I’ve designed a new quilt based on Downton Abbey, and I think lots of people would love to have a quilt to remind them of the series they love. So I’m inviting you to join me in making the blocks for the quilt. Now what makes this a Mystery Quilt Along is that you will only see the quilt one block at a time! So you won’t know exactly what you’re making until the very end. This is exciting for some, and fear-inspiring for others, but rest assured that many of my trusted advisers (as well as Andover) have seen the quilt designs in all three colorways, and everyone loves them.

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