Our Town

The town of Marcellus, NY, is a wonderful community in which to live and shop. Located in a valley on the edge of the Finger Lakes, Marcellus features Nine Mile Creek with its excellent trout fishing, the Links at Sunset Ridge with its fantastic facilities overlooking the valley, and numerous shops and eating establishments in the village including world-class dining at Daniel’s. For more information visit the Marcellus website.

Our Neighbor

The town of Skaneateles has been discovered. Because the President and First Lady spent a week there in the summer of 1999, it has received worldwide exposure. Thank goodness those crowds are gone. So what’s so good about Skaneateles?

Skaneateles Lake is a pristine clear and beautiful 17 mile-long lake. Its quaint, victorian village sits on the north shore of this gem; one of the purest lakes in the country. We drink its delicious freshness unfiltered.

The lake was formed from glaciers thousands of years ago. It sits among the rolling green hills that were captured on canvas in John Barrow’s paintings. Many evenings in the spring, summer, and fall we sit at the lake’s edge having an ice cream looking at the peaceful beauty before us.

But the visit to Skaneateles is more than a picture book, lake, and village. It offers world class restaurants, inns, spas, bakeries, art and historic museums, gorgeous old homes, and beautiful churches. (We suggest you pick up a walking tour guide from the Creamery, or Chamber of Commerce.)

Visit the official Skaneateles website for more info!